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Art Futures Group – Art Investment

Art Futures Group – Art Investment


Asia’s first company to pioneer an end-to-end art investment service.

Art Investment
Our panel of art consultants continuously monitors global markets and artist records, selecting only pieces with the best capital growth potential.

Combining an aesthetic awareness with a proven eye for capital growth potential, we focus on mid-market artists, allowing you to choose a mix of emerging and recognised artists to spread risk and maximise the return on your investment.
A firm focus on Chinese contemporary art Art Futures Group is Asia’s first company to provide a complete end-to-end art investment service, pioneering involvement in this increasingly popular and profitable market and leading the way in market knowledge and returns for customers.

HOW WE WORK in Art Investment
Using a combination of research into an artist’s background, public profile, mainstream output and auction records helps us profile recommended investments. In addition, our experts constantly monitor worldwide Asian art sales and markets to give us an unrivalled knowledge base from which to recommend the right time to buy or sell each investment according to your instructions.REGIONAL KNOWLEDGE in Art Investment
We are ideally positioned, both geographically and in the marketplace, to help you take advantage of the more Western-focused Hong Kong market and the Mainland market based in Beijing.
Our location in Hong Kong, the hub of Asia, also helps our investors take full advantage of Hong Kong’s tax-free trading status.

Our reputation has been built on years of proven success brokering both standard and alternative assets. With international experience spanning not just the globe but the breadth of investment opportunities, from property marketing and development to a wealth of alternative assets, we can share our knowledge, experience and foresight in this sector.

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