Art Futures Group is the world’s leading Chinese Contemporary Art investment broker, with over two decades of expertise brokering contemporary and classical art.

We offer the perfect blend of art appreciation and market expertise to help you add works from this emerging market to your investment portfolio. Based in Hong Kong with offices in London, New York, Singapore and Malaysia, we are ideally placed to help clients take advantage of this lucrative sector.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s top markets for Chinese art and arguably the best location in the world to find reputable Chinese contemporary art. Our presence in Hong Kong helps collectors and investors make art investment a transparent, secure and profitable venture.

Hong Kong has a well established market and we have both the knowledge and the history to assure high quality and respected Chinese artists. Now the third largest art market in the world, Hong Kong’s tax-free status and numerous other tax benefits make it an attractive location for the buying and selling of art. Zero tax is paid on the purchase of artworks, meaning all profits go the seller.

Driven by demand, the overseas market for Chinese art reached a historic high in 2015, totalling $2.6 billion in sales and reaching a size more than half that of mainland China for the first time. The average sale price increased by 8% year-on-year to $54,265.

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Experienced Experts

Our expert consultants will tailor recommendations to suit your needs. Using a combination of research into an artist’s background, public profile, mainstream output and auction records, we profile recommended investments. Combining an aesthetic awareness with a proven eye for capital growth, we focus on mid-career artists who have the potential to maximise the return on your investment.

Once the purchase is arranged, we help you maximise returns both during your ownership and on release. In addition, our experts constantly monitor worldwide art sales and markets to give us an unrivalled knowledge base from which to recommend the right time to buy each investment or to sell it based on market conditions. Our brokerage service is fully personalised, giving you complete ownership, full control and a wealth of location-based tax benefits.

An Award Winning Reputation

Our reputation is built on years of proven success brokering both standard and alternative assets. With international experience spanning a wide breadth of investment opportunities, we are ready to share our extensive knowledge and foresight with you.

Art and investment are both topics of interest to me, so art investment gives me the opportunity to explore both interests. AFG has a team of experts who analyse the market for Chinese contemporary artists and keep track of market trends.


Rental Returns

By helping you rent your acquisitions, we can also ensure your collection earns money while you own it; in addition to the potential profit you’ll make at sale. For further details on how art rental works, and the art investment process with Art Futures Group, visit our Get Started page.

The growing rental trend allows Art Futures Group to place your investment with a suitable organisation. The process unlocks capital by collecting a regular fee agreed between you, the owner of the art, and a rental client. The income generated is then paid in the form of a healthy dividend. The scheme provides art investors with an additional annual income completely free from any capital gains.

A Firm Focus on Chinese Contemporary Art

Art Futures Group is Asia’s first company to provide a complete end-to-end art investment service, pioneering involvement in this increasingly popular and profitable market and leading the way in market knowledge and returns for customers.

Asian art has one of the richest histories of any culture. Today, the artists of China and beyond are adding to the region’s art heritage with exciting and innovative new works that are causing a stir both in the art world and with leading auction houses.

Record-Breaking Sales

During the first half of 2016, China beat the United States to first place on the global art market. Hong Kong is the only major marketplace in the world that has continued to post market growth (nearly +10%) and is keeping the Chinese art market thriving.

The Art Market has emerged for the last 16 years as a safe haven against economic and financial instability, with substantial and recurring returns. Its 1,370% turnover growth in this time reflects an extremely dynamic market. With recent sales surpassing all previous figures, the market is firmly in its ascendency with many Asian artists now matching their western counterparts in terms of sales and value.

The Alternative Asset of Choice

Performance like this shows that the Asian art market is experiencing a second boom, a trend which the global investment community has recognised to help make Chinese Contemporary art an attractive and profitable acquisition choice.

Turnover growth of 1,370% over 16 years

More than 39% higher sales than last year

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