Portfolio in your pocket

Art Futures Group is proud to announce the release of our mobile application for Android and iOS.

Exclusively for clients, this application puts your portfolio of works in your pocket and allows you to easily browse through and view your collection in stunning HD.

We know that our clients are rightfully proud of their art collections but are unable to experience their artworks as they have rented them out to organisations or are storing them in a secure facility.

To help them view, enjoy and share their collections wherever they are, we have created Portfolio in your Pocket; an instant, private gallery that works across the latest mobile or tablet devices.

If you are an existing client, download the app here.


Frequently asked questions

What if I’ve lost my login?

You can always speak to us direct to reset your password, or if you’d like to reset this yourself you can visit the lost password page and reset from there. The password for the app is the same as your exclusive password for the online gallery on our website.

How can I share my art with my friends?

You can share pieces by selecting the share icon in the top bar. Here you have many social networks you can share your pieces from, from Twitter, Facebook, via email or simply to copy into a text message.

How can I read artist information?

Each piece comes with a biography and key information about the artist, which you can read by tapping “art info” in the top bar.

I’m having difficulties sharing on Facebook?

The Art Futures Group app uses your phone’s built in connection to Facebook. If you are having ‘Facebook unavailable’ messages then please install the Facebook app from the app store and then you can share your images direct from the AFG app to your Facebook network.

I have ideas about new improvements to the app. Where should I send these?

Feel free to speak to us on the phone, or alternatively email onlinegallery@artfutuesgroup.com. We’re always looking for new suggestions and features as the app grows.

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