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Date: 28th April 2017

For young entrepreneur Orlando Ho, contemporary art fulfils a passion for aesthetics as well as offering excellent investment opportunities.

Prestige (Source)

Orlando Ho has always had art in his life. The entrepreneur behind acclaimed mobile gaming app Age of Quantum: Revolution coming, and the son of tycoon Stanley Ho, 25-year-old Orlando was raised in an art-loving family and is now cultivating his own tastes in art and building his personal collection.

“Visiting art galleries has always been one of my favourite ways to relax, especially when I was studying in the US,” says Ho. In terms of his own collection, he adds; “I’m just a beginner. I’m influenced by the vivid use of colours, the strong expressionism of Japanese art, and many contemporary Japanese and Chinese works.”

Ho says he chooses works for his collection both for their aesthetic qualities and for their potential investment value and while the former is a matter purely of his own taste, a professional team is on hand to help him to better evaluate the latter.

“My collection is based on what I love,” he explains. “Art is unlike other investments: it must be able to speak to you, touch your soul, inspire you and make you happy. But I also discuss acquisitions with my team as they’ve undertaken extensive research and understand the artist’s background, experience and track record. It helps to understand more about the artist and their work, which is important if you want to avoid getting fooled by the price tag.

“If I encounter anything that’s appealing to me, I’ll ask my team to evaluate if it’s the best timing to purchase it. That’s what investment is all about: when to buy and when to sell. How much information you have is very important and who your secret adviser is behind the scenes.”

Ho gave these views during the launch of an exhibition that showcases two of the brightest stars of Chinese contemporary art. It features both the bold, uninhibited, fluid lines of Ann Niu along with the playful, conceptually complex compositions of Qiu Sheng Xian. Presented by art-investment consultancy Art Futures Group, the exhibition runs until April 9 and is located on the first and second floors of the Water Zone at Elements shopping mall in Kowloon.



Sing Pao Daily (Source)

Date: 25th March 2017


Art Futures Group向來以推廣中國當代文化藝術為己任,一直致力支持和重視具有發展潛力的中國藝術家,銳意提高其作品的曝光率,最近就連同Art Futures Gallery攜手呈獻中國當代藝術展覽 (Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition),展出兩位上海當代藝術家的作品,分別是牛安的17幅畫作、以及邱勝賢的6幅畫作,讓市民能夠近距離接觸藝術。




查詢:3758 7888



Ming Pao Daily (Source)

Date: 18th March 2017

本地展覽﹕中國新藝力 勾勒女性美






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YFL By Kevin Leung (Source)

Date: 24th March 2017

【藝術資訊】ELEMENTS圓方有藝術 – Art Futures Group X Art Futures Gallery 中國當代藝術展覽 (牛安及邱勝賢作品展)

三月份除了Art Basel及Art Central外,還有一些小型藝術展覽在此期間進行中。於九龍站的ELEMENTS圓方,由2017年3月21日至4月9日,Art Futures Group連同Art Futures Gallery呈獻「中國當代藝術展覽」 (Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition),展出兩位上海當代藝術家的作品,分別於水 區 1 樓展出牛安的 17 幅畫作、以及 2 樓展出邱勝賢的 6 幅畫作。


兩位參展的藝術家: 牛安和邱勝賢,曾多次於世界各地舉行個人展覽及獲邀出席國際文化藝術交流,足跡 遍佈中國、日本、新加坡、馬來西亞、法國、德國、意大利、澳洲和美國等。


牛安在上海出生及成長,於日本武藏野美術大 學畢業後,赴韓國及美國發展藝術及設計事業。她明白到自己對繪畫深厚的熱情,於2000年回到故鄉上海成立自己的藝術工作室,利用不同的媒介繪畫。

作為中國當代的備受重視的藝術家,牛安的作品分別被新加坡國立美術館 (National Museum Of Singapore)、香港上海匯豐銀行 (HSBC)和太古集團北京東隅酒店 (Swire Group East Hotel Beijing)等收藏。

牛安擅長在色彩 豐富的畫面上勾畫躍動的線條,變幻糾結的風格隱隱透露女性的身體曲線,雖複雜亦單純,可以看出她勇於突破常規,同時亦善於保留傳統。



邱勝賢是上海著名當代藝術家,繪畫人體母子 元素創始人與福娃集成元素創始人。曾出任多個藝術界重要職務如中國美術家分會理事,美協副主席等。它在古典與時尚、精神與物質、 邏輯與矛盾上表現的強烈對比亦是邱勝賢創作的核心,倡導真正藝術的自由。

邱勝賢的作品曾被美國白宮 (White House)、法蘭西藝術院 (Académie des Beaux-Arts)和德意志銀行 (Deutsche Bank)等收藏,成為中國當代藝術和世界文化交流的橋樑和紐帶,深受收藏家、鑑賞家和藝術愛好者追捧。



中國當代藝術展覽 (Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition) 牛安及邱勝賢作品展覽

日期: 2017年 3月 21日 至 4月 9日

場地: 九龍站 ELEMENTS 圓方水區1樓及2樓

時間: 下午 2時至下午 4時

查詢: +852 3758 7888

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