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In recent years fine art has seen a tremendous increase in interest from both collectors and global markets. Many companies and individuals are now looking to display inspirational works of art to enhance the aesthetics of an interior, whether it be for hotels, offices or private residential spaces.

Due to the ever-strengthening global art market, acquiring such art pieces comes at a higher price than ever before. Thankfully, art leasing is a safe and accessible alternative for clients wishing to access a vast range of stunning art that was previously unobtainable.

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Who Leases Art?

Art Leasing has become a popular choice for private residential accommodation and commercial organisations looking to display fine art without the costs associated with purchasing works outright. The following are just some of the types of clients we work with:

Corporate Offices

Large multinational corporations and smaller companies alike have used leased art to refresh working environments. Leased works of art can add breathtaking ambience, help raise the profile of the business and stimulate employees to achieve higher productivity.

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Private Residences

Art leasing has made fine art more accessible to individuals for use in their own homes. More and more individuals are using art leasing to improve the aesthetic value of their living space and to engage in a global market previously out of reach.

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Interior Designers/Architects

Interior designers and architects can add value to their service. Leased art in skilfully designed environments adds a touch of quality and aesthetic beauty that complements their work and potential buyers are able to view a space in its full potential.

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We work alongside hotels to match leased art with their guests’ tastes and expectations. A hotel room can be defined by the art on the walls, and we make sure that the pieces picked match the tone of voice and personality of the hotel, creating a memorable environment for their guests to enjoy.

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At Art Futures Group we regularly engage with clients who can benefit from our low cost, high-gain art leasing service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation consultation to discuss the benefits of leasing art for yourself.

How Art Leasing Works

At Art Futures Group we use our expert knowledge of both art and asset markets to advise our clients throughout the art leasing process. We pair our clients with the perfect pieces of art in a streamlined, three step process:



You receive tailored one-to-one advice and consultation. An expert will help you decide which piece works best for your space based on your specific requirements. We will also provide a detailed history and information about the artwork, adding a story and context to your acquisition.



Giving our clients peace of mind is a priority. Your personal art expert will discuss the finer details with you such as leasing terms, costs and any further requirements. Our experts also ensure any deals are brokered in your favour so that you get the pieces you desire at the best possible price.



We assess the security of your location, advise on any improvements you could make and ensure that both the artwork and your professional security are assured. We take care of your delivery and installation and your leased artwork is ready to be enjoyed in its new home.

Insurance & Installation

We offer insurance for your leased artwork, so that in the unlikely event that something does happen, you’ll be covered. We assess and report on the security of the premises and will advise you where best to hang your artwork for safety. Installation is also included.

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